Humungous Dubai Mall

I’ve travelled widely and seen many a mall in my life, but none of them is a patch on this wonderful oasis of everything in the middle of Dubai. Humungous because it’s about 50 football stadia put together! I’ve traversed the length and breadth of this mall many a time (and not in one day let me tell u!!), but each time I spy something new! It’s a virtual Alladin’s cave of delights! I’m quite a mall rat, so this is for me…

From a skating rink, to the famous musical fountain, movie theatres, supermarkets, food courts, shops for all kinds of shoppers, the huge magnificent aquarium…it has everything. I’m going to try and capture as much as I can to entice you to visit this place..

The metro takes you to the mall in case you don’t find a cab. There are numerous entrances, so if you are parking your car you should take a picture of the parking bay so you don’t get lost trying to find it when you’re done. Get a map with details of the stores – if you can’t find a map there are many Help Desks as also touch screens which will give you store details.

It’s a whole adventure by itself, this mall. I am always mesmerized by the aquarium which is a 10 million litre suspended tank! Whew!! With over 140 species of marine life like the sting ray, sharks, Nemo and Dory by the dozens on display, it doesn’t get better than this. Buy some gourmet popcorn from Garret Popcorn just across from the Aquarium, hike up the stairs to Level 1, buy some latte from the coffee store there and sit by the glass window and just watch the fish. It is soothing and destressing.

There is a huge skating rink where you can try your hand (or leg) at ice skating. They have classes for beginners – so go and try. You may slip and fall, but what the heck. It’s so much fun. If you don’t want to skate, just go grab a chai at PappaRoti café which overlooks the rink. Eat the wonderful coffee coated bun with its yummy butter filling. Heavy on calories but don’t you worry – you will walk so much in that mall, you will definitely lose more than a pound!

If you are a compulsive shopper, this could be a very dangerous place to be in – stores abound! Everywhere you look, there is some fabulous store – M&S, Charles & Keith, Gap, Benetton, H&M, Aeropostale, Aldo and high-end stores like Lladro, Armani, Baccarat etc. The list is unending and there is something for everyone. Also, very conveniently, there are ATMs at every possible turn!

If you want to take a ride up to the viewing deck of the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, you can book a slot in the basement of the Mall. The 360-degree view on a clear day is awe inspiring and very worth it. My ears pop going up but if you do the swallow right, you will be just fine!

Go to one of the many food courts to tank up. From Japanese to Chinese to Indian and Arabic, you will get whatever your heart desires. You will be spoilt for choices really.

If you want to chill and just watch a movie, go to the Cinema wing. You can watch some of the latest movies in world class comfort. There is an MX4D theatre which actually allows you to feel the action on the screen with the built-in motion and effects in the theatre and also the seats! Very advanced. Kids will love it – actually I did too!

Towards the evening head to the Dubai Fountain area. This is the world’s largest choreographed fountain and is simply amazing. If you want to get personal and close, book a ticket for the lake ride. I’ve watched it several times from the viewing deck and it’s super. Music plays – could be Bollywood, Classical, Arabic or world music – the fountain jets dance to the foot tapping beats! It’s out of this world. Lights play, lasers swing here and there, the jets go up to 500 feet! The Prayer (Celine Dion and Andrea Boticelli) and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough are my personal favorites for song themes.
?I could go on and on about this wonderful mall, but I’ll let you go there and discover it for yourself.

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Mavis Mendonca Smith

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